The Amazing Adventures of Sara Corel
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Short Stories

Midnight Madness — Alex as author tries to answer e-mails and get some work done in spite of Sara. Originally published on the Aurora Universe website.

Denny's — Toomey writes a letter to the Aurora Universe Writers' Group about struggling with characters way past any normal human's bedtime. S.T. Mac, keeper of the Infinity Bridge website and author of the Lillith of Velor stories, turns the tables. Toomey strikes back. Stay tuned…

The Last Scribe — A poem of sorts, written for the Aurora Universe, about the Last Scribe of Velor. It might not make a lot of sense if you don't know what a Velorian is, or anything about the Arion Empire. But you might like it anyway. Oddly enough, it's the most accessed page on the website.

Mark MCLXXVI Protector — A virtual reality tour of the Cryptoalien facility where Sara Corel was manufactured.

Close Encounter — The author has a chat with a Cryptoalien. You should read the previous story first, or it'll be even more confusing…


Proper Waffles — Forget about spinach. Or kryptonite. There's only one thing that'll get any superhero's attention. (They don't have to count calories…) Here's how.

The Man In Black — Villains are where you find them — or where they find you. Here's a slice-of-life encounter with the kind of guy you love to hate. (True story)

Millennium Summer --  In Which I Undertake a Mystical Journey to Return an Innocent Child of Darkness to Her Home In a Far-Away Land, Stay In the Home of a Witch, Converse with a Mermaid-In-Training, Travel to the Edge of Space, Dine at the Passion Cafe, Board a Mighty Dreadnaught, Reunite with My Long-Lost Sisters, Touch the Grave of My Father, and Wash My Hands In the Father of Waters Before Crossing Over Into a Future of Uncertainty. (In progress)

Telling Stories — It's a midlife crisis of a rather different sort, as the author succumbs to the inevitable.


I've received an astonishing number of letters from readers, more than I could possibly reproduce on the website. Usually, it's considered to be pretty good if an author gets one percent of his/her readers to drop him/her a note. I've heard from about three-hundred different people so far (some of them dozens of times), so I either have thirty-thousand readers (unlikely) or everybody that reads Susan drops me a note (also unlikely). The total volume of email (and my responses) exceeds that of the book. I can only put up a few of them. I'll try to add more when I get the time.

Chapter 6 — Sharon Best Chapter 26 — Jecel, Sharon, Mac
Chapter 7 — Sharon Best A Matter of Gravity — Jonnan West
AUWG Thread — Sharon, Ed, Mac The Last Scribe — Sharon
Chapter 11 — S.T. Mac Transhumanism — Chris Parra
First Interlude — Jecel Assumpcao Intransigent Characters — Toomey
First Interlude — Colin Roald Write this Way — Chris Parra
First Interlude — Kevin Turner Chapter 29 — -SpeK-
Sara's Powers — 'Fanboy' Didacticism — Ed Howdershelt
Alien Superintelligences — B. Brown 'Herr Docktor' Stuff — Lisa Binkley
The Day the Web Stood Still — James Chapter 32 — Charles Barker
Explaining the Unexplainable — Toomey Second Interlude — Jecel Assumpcao


I'll take requests if there's something you really want me to tee off on. Hey, fairness and honesty 'till it hurts — that's me.

Anime — Not really a review, but some musings about a bit of popular culture in response to a letter by AK of the Aurora Universe Writers' Group.

Kiki's Delivery Service — Culled from a series of letters to the Aurora Universe Writers' Group, a review of sorts and thoughts on the art of storytelling.


Origins of Susan — This is an e-mail I sent to author Sharon Best, who maintains the Aurora Universe, outlining my proposal for the Susan story. It basically sums up what I'm trying to accomplish with it.

Another Book? — As soon as I get this writing thing down a little better, I'll probably want to try my hand at something a little more mainstream. Some reminiscences from my own life should provide plenty of material.


Aurora Universe Writers' Group

The Aurora Universe — by Sharon Best. The original home of the best superheroine stories on the web. Vast, full of Sharon's great, imaginative themes, ideas and wonderful writing, loaded with photomanipulations of strong, beautiful, flying women from the stars.
[Adult content]

The Infinity Bridge — Macbeth's fabulous stories about Lillith of Velor and lots more, including his own amazing photomanipulations.
[Adult content]

In Service to My Goddess — Ed Howdershelt's terrific stories about an old wolf who learns some new tricks, and breaks a few hearts along the way. Superb writing.
[Adult content]

Julie, Stories from AK — AK's stunning and marvelous Julie of Velor stories and others, including DKS, Kathy, Marlen, The Girl's School and his new Superior Girl.
[Adult content]

IMPERIVM ROMANVM SACRVM — IHCOYC XPICTOC's strange but compelling website featuring his original artwork dedicated to super ladies from his own and others' imaginations.
[Adult content]

Jolie Howard Fiction — The newest member of the AUWG, Jolie's fresh perspective and considerable talent will astonish you. This is must-read material.
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Other Links

The Rocket ReBels Webring — eBook publishing sites, especially in the Rocket format. Watch this space as electronic publishing takes off over the next few years. Most of the AUWG authors plan to list works in this format.

Superangelic Hunting Ground — DownAndOut's delicious website of supermodels in supercostumes.

Girls of Steel — Kerry Smith's Grand Central Station of links to every super-girl website on our planet.

Earth Angel: the Legend of Supergirl — Tom Kaye's utterly astounding tribute site to the Mighty Girl of Steel, with fascinating essays and insights into our favorite flying blonde.

The Penpartner's Homepage — Tooshoes and Cat have compiled a treasure trove of erotic fiction involving comic book characters. Check out their message board…
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The Toomey Starks Band — It's what I do for a living, folks. My very first website, and a big one. Lots of pix, sounds and silly stuff.

NiceWork — Some of my other websites are listed here (at least the ones I'm not too embarrassed to let people see…)


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