The Amazing Adventures of Sara Corel
A novel by Toomey

Chapter Twenty-nine: Interview

       i was one of those contributing to the planetary groan of Richter proportions...
      wow, what an amazing chapter! the suspense leading up to what the P stood for was simply incredible… throughout the past few chapters and especially this one, i've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what that was. as soon as louis started writing the email, i knew sara would get it but i also thought that we would finally get to find out what the P was. …how delightfully fraustrating that was to finally find out in the final paragraph!
      Hi, i haven't wrote to u since the end of part 1 were i had the same burning desire to find out why this story was titled Susan when her name is clearly Sara. And then i went away to college and lost the address to your site for a while. I finally went back to it last month and found out that there was a part 2 to sara's story, and greedily read chapters 21-28 as fast as i could! =) Since then, i've been checking your site everyday for the next chapter to "magically" appear just like i've done in the past while u were working on part 1. Chapter 29 has finally appeared today and it was definitely worth the wait! your entire novel is so amazingly crafted with plot, synergy, and humor...i just want to say thank you and keep up the good work! again...congrats on another very well done chapter.
      your loyal reader, -SpeK-

      Great to hear from you again. I remember your unusual nom de plume, but I had a little problem with a hard drive and have lost all my email from about a month ago back. Too bad, really, 'cause there was some great stuff from a lot of readers' emails.
      Glad you liked it. A letter like yours is what I live for these days. I just laughed out loud as I read it. Totally made my day. I'm gonna share it with some of my friends (if that's OK with you).
      I caught a lot of good-natured hell for my awful Wizard of Oz joke in the First Interlude, so I'm expecting more of the same with this one. Which is cool. The more reaction, the better, as far as I'm concerned.
      I hope I can find some way to spend more time on the book. It was almost two months between this chapter and the last one, mostly because I'm working so much these days, In addition to a ton of gigs (twenty-two this month — and January is usually a slow month), I'm up to my neck in website projects for a bunch of different people. One of these days I'm gonna sell the Susan book to some publisher who isn't terribly bright and then I'll be able to just concentrate on writing. I've got a lot more books inside struggling to escape.
      Anyway, thanks for the letter and keep in touch. It wouldn't hurt if you inflicted your enthusiasm on other unsuspecting victims and got them to read it, too. And if you lose the bookmark again, I finally got registered with some search engines.

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