The Amazing Adventures of Sara Corel
A novel by Toomey

Aurora Universe Writers' Group Thread

[Sharon wrote]
       What do you say Toomey… is Sara blessed/cursed with the ability to chemically communicate in such ways to others? It's something all humans can do, although not very effectively (anyone who has felt the chemistry between two people knows the effects of pheromones… albeit weak ones). I wonder how human, or superhuman, Sara is.

[Toomey replies]      
        Oh, my.
        Ed wrote me about this and evidently sent you a copy. Here's what I wrote him (which included a copy of some of the first e-mails I sent to you regarding my story proposals and background):

[Ed wrote]
       That doesn't mean that Sara couldn't be thinking about something she read in the AU [Aurora Universe] that got her hot & horny, and that she might be unwittingly exuding pheromones like a smoke grenade gives smoke.

[Toomey answered]
       Yeah, but Sara's not a Velorian. And this is not, strictly speaking, the Aurora Universe. Whereas the Velorians are genetic descendants of and still related to humans — and can therefore interact with them in a number of interesting ways — Sara is an artifact, the carefully crafted product of a technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Not really a machine, but certainly not biological in any way. She has no sweat, spit, tears, snot, piss, shit, earwax, menstrual flow or dandruff. And she is an indestructible virgin (like Doris Day, only younger). Sara does not grow physically and will always be about sixteen, give or take.
        Emotionally, she is completely human. The components of human psychological makeup influenced by hormones are simulations in her. But they have the same effect. For a few days each month, it wouldn't be a good idea to piss her off.         Hell, it's never a good idea to piss her off. 

[Toomey continues]      

        Well, Ed didn't like that very much. He replied, "Sorry, Patrick. It doesn't wash in my rather comic cosmic common sense … They can build a Sara so thoroughly, give her the capability to laugh and play, but can't give her tears? I don't buy that … Unless they hijacked a virgin as a model and thought that was to be her condition all her life (a screwup unlikely if they've spent any time reviewing the crap we've been spewing into space with TV signals), they'd have made allowances for various experiences as well."
        I haven't replied to that yet. Of course, the Cryptoaliens that manufactured Sara could probably have done anything they wanted. They did give her super-breath (we haven't seen that, yet) because that was a signature characteristic of the icon they wished to reproduce. They could also have included tears. But then you're on a slippery slope. Where do you stop? Sweat, spit, snot, piss, shit, earwax, menstrual flow, dandruff? The model for Sara, found in popular comic books, makes no mention of pheromones.
        She is not human. She is an icon. She is made to resemble a human, both physically and emotionally, in order to accomplish the unknown purposes of her unseen makers. They made her in this image for the express purpose of charming the world. Rather than scaring the shit out of it.
        Which she could do…
        And she is an indestructible virgin for those same purposes. She's not here to just screw around. And her duties are not just to be, as Ed wrote, "an attractive and sentient 'jaws of life' machine with no other functions." Oh, she has other functions, all right. Though she will not turn her back on those in need who she is a position to help, there is an agenda and a point to this story. You'll just have to wait to see what those are.
        Of course, aside from all the preceding bullshit, the bottom line is that I am behind the Cryptoaliens. They'll do whatever the hell I tell them to do. I just wanted a sweet and funny story about supergirl. Not a superwoman. Not a goddess. The wonderful Sara in the Midnight Madness piece, laughing and chatting with Alex over e-mails, rubbing his aching shoulders, sticking out her tongue. The irrepressible Sara that can run off with, disassemble and partially consume a Buick while you're tying your shoe. The playful Sara who steals the roundball game and every players' heart. The beautiful Sara, dancing in the air as the band plays on.
        I wanted, in my story, to try to see what it would be like to experience the dawning of consciousness out of nothingness — the abrupt awakening of a highly developed mind that is totally devoid of memories — fully cognizant and equipped with a human personality and language, but completely ignorant. Then, I want to watch her grow up, seeing the world for the first time, laughing at new wonders, exploring and testing, wide-eyed with enthusiasm.
        Why, as Ed asks, "the subterfuge and parenting ploy?" Why not, "simply set her down and let her pick things up as she goes." Because I don't want her to be abandoned on our planet. I want her to know the best of our world, not stumble from happenstance to happenstance without guidance and support. My Cryptoaliens abandoned Sara on a well-chosen doorstep (so to speak), not in the woods.
        One is born human, but only becomes human through interactions with other humans. Humans raised with love become loving humans. Humans raised with indifference become wolves.
        Be patient. In the chapter after the next one, Sara learns about infatuation and experiences her first tentative forays into the painful joy of love. But she is still a child. A forever child. And that may be the greatest wonder her makers bestow.
        You want sex? Well, Dinah 'seduces' Alex (the submission of Everyman to the Rule of Law). Maybe I don't chart the size and relative solidity of Alex's dick in photographic detail, or count each shuddering orgasmic spasm. Maybe I only rate a PG. And, maybe the readers will experience something based on how I've set the table for their own imaginations to complete the act. I don't really know, and defer to the expertise of others in this area. But we've seen other e-mails that address the issue of sex, sex, sex.
        I hope Ed continues his wonderful storyline about burgeoning enhancees linked together in what constitutes a loose confederation under their goddess(es). I'd really like to see how he — or perhaps John — pull off the pheromone filled stadium scene mentioned in the first post in this thread. Either of them could tell us about it so much better than I could.
        The contrasts and the similarities between our universes still have a commonality of purpose between them. I think we all share a vision of wonder that is at the bottom of all this. We may all have different ways to gaze upon this wonder and other means to express it, but it is at heart a sharing of an appreciation for what could be and for what might be.
        The way in which we authors can share our thoughts through the process is something new, because of the blossoming of the internet. I treasure our colloquy. It was something unexpected that, had I known it was going to be this much fun, would have rushed to embrace much sooner. I can't tell you — Ed and Bill and Mac and Colin and all the others — how I appreciate your time and thoughts on this and other, sometimes sillier, subjects. Let's keep this kind of thing going, so we can all push each other to new levels.
        Because we are all, I am certain, getting much better at this.
        Thank you
[Mac wrote]
       You've hit directly on the reason we all came together in the first place, Toomey: to pick on each other's work….no, that's not right, wait a sec…..oh, yeah, to bounce ideas off each other and churn up the creativity a tad. All the 'why not' and 'should not' stuff is absolutely great sometimes. A spark, wherever it may come from, is always hot enough to kindle the flame of an idea or two. Except, of course, when it's bogus, but we won't go into that right now. <ahem>
        It is really great to see how we all get into the conceptual here (if I can be hip and use an adjective as a noun). Your point about Sara not being of the AU/Velorian universe is really at the heart of the whole thing. You've brought something new and fascinatingly imaginative to the table and we're all having fun with it. What a gas!
        Sara Corel is quite a creature. Any beautiful blonde who can dance on air can play in my sandbox anytime. <grin>

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