The Amazing Adventures of Sara Corel
A novel by Toomey

Chapter Thirty-two
Charles Barker

      Having Susan 'die' at the hands of Wayans was something of a gut-wrencher for me, but, as the realization that the multi-billion-year-old Cryptoalien civilization would choose a slightly fried, middle-aged bass player as their natural and pivitol touchstone for the future evolution of human civilization slowly sank in, I resolved to trust their greater wisdom and patiently await her resurrection.  On behalf of those of us concerned with humanity's future, hopefully this central role for bassists will somehow be preserved.
      Susan's Second Interlude is simply amazing. I hope there's no internal
drive to closure with this character and that you will continue your SF
writing in other areas once you've reached a lull in this one.

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Patrick Hill, 2000