The Amazing Adventures of Sara Corel
A novel by Toomey

Book One


It's time we received a visitation.

Part One
The awakening and childhood of Sara Corel.

Chapter One: Discovery
Chapter Two: Arrival
Chapter Three: Acquaintance
Chapter Four: First Evening
Chapter Five: Flight
Chapter Six: School
Chapter Seven: Growing Up
Chapter Eight: Reconciliation
Chapter Nine: Lessons
Chapter Ten: Roundball
Chapter Eleven: Chicago
Chapter Twelve: Graduation

First Interlude
Sara visits a strangely familiar place of wonder.

Chapter Thirteen: Another Awakening
Chapter Fourteen: Fair Avalon
Chapter Fifteen: Le Morte d'Gundolf
Chapter Sixteen: The Mines of Muriah
Chapter Seventeen: The Wizard's Way
Chapter Eighteen: Nazghoul, Inc.
Chapter Nineteen: The Land of Shadows
Chapter Twenty: The Protector

First Interlude Epilogue

Book Two


Part Two
Sara goes out into the wide world.

Chapter Twenty-one: Attention
Chapter Twenty-two: Enterprise
Chapter Twenty-three: Clear Lake
Chapter Twenty-four: Setup
Chapter Twenty-five: White Sands
Chapter Twenty-six: Scrutiny
Chapter Twenty-seven: Debut
Chapter Twenty-eight: Singapore
Chapter Twenty-nine: Interview
Chapter Thirty: Money
Chapter Thirty-one: Politics
Chapter Thirty-two: Death

Second Interlude
Sara goes to Hell and visits Heaven.

Chapter Thirty-three: Welcome to Hell
Chapter Thirty-four: The Final Muster
Chapter Thirty-five: Down In the Valley
Chapter Thirty-six: All the Heavens of Earth
Chapter Thirty-seven: The Congress of Gods
Chapter Thirty-eight: The Final Battle
Chapter Thirty-nine: The Angel of This Place
Chapter Forty: The Flesh and the Spirit

Book Three

Part Three
Sara fulfills her destiny and changes the world.

Chapter Forty-one: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-two: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-three: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-four: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-five: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-six: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-seven: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-eight: To Be Announced
Chapter Forty-nine: To Be Announced
Chapter Fifty: To Be Announced
Chapter Fifty-one: To Be Announced
Chapter Fifty-two: To Be Announced

Visions of things to come perhaps.

Last Chapter: The Beginning

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