The Amazing Adventures of Sara Corel
A novel by Toomey

The Witches' Home

        The trip back to Ed's house includes a stop at Denny's. We need the extra time to talk, old friends from the Internet that we have become, sight unseen 'till now. We have other things in common besides Our Favorite Flying Blond, as it turns out, though we come from different perspectives. We're both aging vets of a war that made victims of its heroes. There has always been a great deal of violence and danger in Ed's life and I think he embraces it. I long ago renounced my warrior upbringing for fear of embracing it, not trusting my self-control. But we're both Protectors, instinctively. And impatient with fools.
        And we both have visions. What we write comes from a need to express something wonderful in our dreams. There is a future for our species that is full of hope and beauty and we have had an imperfect glimpse of it. We know that there are people alive on our planet today who will greet another millennium. They will be genetically enhanced and have powers and abilities that we can't yet understand. We are even now building our own Susan, the world-computer that will interpenetrate every facet of our existence. These are some of the things we talk about, almost feverishly, over the next two days, sitting up late in Ed's computer cubicle, strolling his neighborhood in the dark, swinging our dog sticks and walking off too much steak.
        Things are busy at Wicca Works, Ed's home. I know what it's like to work out of your house clutter and chaos. Their old but essential air compressor goes to machine Valhalla, provoking a crisis. The vital adaptor can't be found, provoking a tempest until Ed finally straightens things out. Just like home.
        For those who read this and don't know, Wicca is the modern way of the witch, which I am not competent to explain very well. It's a contemporary incarnation of an ancient, earth-bound natural religion, and a way of life. I was astonished to find out how many there are, even in (especially in) Texas. Magic is central to their practice, and symbols and tokens figure prominently, hence the need for the items Wicca Works manufactures.
        Naturally, there are cats. A big, midnight black one, of course, and one shy one and one ancient one who owns Ed's office. I love cats, but have a ferocious allergy to their furriness. They domicile me in a cat-free zone, but it's a problem. Two days will be my limit, so we make the most of it.
        I share Ed's enthusiasm for a compendium of Aurora Universe Writers' Group fiction on CD-ROM. Everybody but me has completed works, and I'm working on it . It won't be much of an investment, shared equally. I know of several places to get a limited run of disks pressed and probably any of us can assemble the thing. As for distribution, there's a lot of traffic on our various websites from an established fan base, and then there's conventions. Could be that some of the ubiquitous Witch booths might carry a few here or there.
        Where are we going with our characters? That was the main topic, but I don't want to spoil anything, especially on Ed's behalf. Everything's subject to change without notice, of course, but our talks made much of the whole transhumanist theme. Essentially, that's what our characters represent. I decided I had to expand my plans for my Susan book to accommodate some of the things we discussed a planned Interlude Two (Sara goes to Hell and visits Heaven) and Part Three (Sara fulfills her destiny and changes the world). 

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