I hope to resume writing soon. Right now, I am going through a rather difficult period my wife has filed for divorce. So I will be kinda busy starting my life over. Gotta find a place to live, dispose of marital assets, sell blood to pay my attorney you know, the usual things.
        I recently drove to Florida to return my dazzlingly beautiful blonde 14-year-old daughter, Katie, to my first evil ex-wife after her summer visitation, and while I was there, visited with Ed Howdershelt for a couple o' days. He's the author of the In Service to My Goddess books and runs a company called Wicca Works. We had some wonderful talks concerning flying blondes and the future of mankind. Combined with a great deal of hallucinating about Sara on the way back to Houston (a la Denny's on the Proper Waffles page), I've got a lot of material pretty much ready to go once I get myself into a more stable situation.
        I will probably wind up in a tiny motel room for a few months, with just about nothing to do but write. I'm actually looking forward to it. If I survive to the end of the year, I should be able to complete Part Two, another Interlude (Sara goes to Hell and visits Heaven) and add a Part Three that should have some genuine surprises. Plus I plan to greatly expand the Susan website with more letters and short stories.
        I'm currently working on an account of my Florida trip. The working title is: "Millennium Summer   In Which I Undertake a Mystical Journey to Return an Innocent Child of Darkness to Her Home In a Far-Away Land, Stay In the Home of a Witch, Converse with a Mermaid-In-Training, Travel to the Edge of Space, Dine at the Passion Cafe, Board a Mighty Dreadnaught, Reunite with My Long-Lost Sisters, Touch the Grave of My Father, and Wash My Hands In the Father of Waters Before Crossing Over Into a Future of Uncertainty." It's all true, except for the parts I make up.
        Hope you like the Susan story so far. If you do, then tell your friends about it. Also, any comments you have would be welcome I could certainly use a little encouragement these days.


Proper Waffles