A Comparison of Three Kara's -Kara Zor-El of Krypton,
Kara Zor'El of Velor and Sara Corel of Crypton

By Sharon Best, AuroraUniverse (appended by Toomey)
        Sharon Best:"Kara is the bed-rock character of the entire Aurora Universe, despite FairchildZorel (Aurora) being the first Velorian introduced to readers of the AU.  She isclearly my attempt to re-create the wonder and excitement of the Kryptonian Supergirl ofDC Comics (to which I give my undying thanks for their inspiration), but to create atotally new character who would be both familiar and new to my readers. She is clearly aVelorian, not a Kryptonian, and her powers are distinctly different than aKryptonian."
        Toomey: "Sara Corel is something entirelydifferent, owing more to the genre of Classical Science Fiction, though the character isobviously inspired both by the comics and the Aurora Universe."

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Classic science fiction as a character-driven series of nested parodies separated by political satire, social commentary and cultural observations within the framework of an ersatz fan-fiction homage and fantasy genre-bashing: a cautionary tale of a modern Prometheus.

(Toomey, the "Susan" story)

-------- Names --- Given and Public --------

Kara Zor-El  (aka Supergirl)

Kara Zor'El (aka SuperFemme)

Sara Corel (aka Susan)

-------- Purpose on Earth --------

Sent to Earth to avoid being killed during Krypton's destruction (Kal-El) or during Argo City's demise (Kara Zor-El).

Since arriving, they have become crime fighters and rescue workers during disasters. The people of Earth have become very dependent on them, both for their powers and their inspirational leadership.

The original purpose of the Velorian race was to be the 'vessels of new gods', procreators who could continue the race of the gods who had created them.

However, the Ancient Ones disappeared and the Velorians subsequently defined a new purpose for themselves. They became Protectors, bound by a Prime Directive to only interfere in the affairs of their adopted planets when it was faced with deadly peril from another alien race. At all other times, they were to blend invisibly into the indigenous population.


Presumably created by very highly advanced 'cryptoaliens', she was basically dumped in some poor guy's living room and abandoned, with basic skills and in an initially childlike state of mind, but with no previous memories or instructions whatsoever. Other than serving as an example of what might someday be accomplished by scientists in the far distant future, she is not much help in advancing our technology. Humans are on their own in trying to figure out what to make of her powers and abilities.

-------- General Characteristics --------

Powers are  seemingly magical - essentially without limits or ties to any known physical principles. All 'powers' are the result of genetic enhancement and they are bound by physical laws (a few of which are as of yet unknown to Terran scientists, mostly the way physical laws are inter-related across dimensional boundaries). An artifact created by such a highly advanced technological civilization that her powers are indistinguishable from magic. She probably has limitations, but they are essentially irrelevant.

-------- Racial Background --------

Seemingly a parallel evolution of humanoids with exactly the same appearance and personalities as Terrans. They look, act and think identical to us. A mathematical wonder.

Her race is simply named Kryptonian.

Human from Earth. A group of Scandavadian children were abducted in 1000AD and underwent a variety of scientific enhancements to their DNA to become Velorians. The empty sites of their human DNA have been filled with alien or synthesized genes to change many of their characteristics. Yet they remain physically indistinguishable from Terrans except for being on the extreme end of physical attractiveness.

The Ancient Ones who created the Velorian raced called them Homo Sapiens Supremis.


She is obviously some kind of constructed being whose appearance is modeled after humans, but it is impossible for the current state of human science to ascertain anything about her structure or makeup. Her personality and overall mental characteristics are very human, albeit closely conjoined to a tremendously powerful 'computer superbrain'.

Sometimes referred to (jokingly?) as a Mark CMCLXXVI Protector

-------- Names --- Civilian --------

Linda Lee , Linda Danvers Lisa Matthews, Lisa Banks (married name) — often goes my Kara Matthews among her circle of friends - a deliberate attempt to confuse her enemies. She much prefers her given name of Kara. Named Sara Corel by her human 'awakener', she adopts what becomes her public name of 'Susan P' while under examination at NASA in Houston.

-------- Strength --------

Essentially unlimited. There are very few instances in the comics where Supergirl was physically challenged at anything that involved muscular contraction. Whether it was punching out a bad guy or shoving a small planetoid out of orbit, she had great muscles.  She can probably deadlift 100,000,000 tons. Kara has approximately four-thousand times the physical strength of a physically-fit Terran male. She can deadlift about 800 to 1000 tons on a good day.

On the other hand, a Velorian becomes several times stronger for very brief periods when she is sexually excited or during an adrenal rush. This is believed to be a protective mechanism based on the fact that Velorians were initially created to be the 'vessel of new gods' — in other words, to mate with the Ancient Ones and bear their offspring. It is assumed by this writer that mating with a god was an extremely athletic event!

The degree of muscular contraction from her relaxed to flexed state is so remarkable that she looks more like a bodybuilder when she's exerting herself. This is the result of having many times finer muscle fibers (and a lot more of them) than unenhanced Terrans.

Limited, but not by any Earthly standard.

A leading hypothesis is that she is constructed of a thin film of material similar in nature to the incredibly dense iron crust of a neutron star and therefore has a rest mass of billions of tons, with some unknown process or mechanism providing gravitational and inertial compensation. There is a great deal of disagreement about this in academic circles, though.

In any event, she can exert a surface pressure far in excess of the tensile strength of any material ever likely to be found on this planet or its environs. Since her strength is not based on muscle tissue, she displays no discernable flexure distortion under exertion.

-------- Appearance --------

Height: 5'8"   Weight: 128 pounds  Slender and fit but not athletic in appearance (exceptions do occur in the comics)

Long blond hair and sky blue eyes, extremely attractive to men when appearing as Supergirl.

Mousy brown hair and generally dumpy clothes when Linda - not usually considered attractive.

Figure: Variable… my guess would be 34-22-36 in general, but many exceptions abound, from waif-like to voluptuous.

Wears a variety of costumes based on the primary red and blue colors of Superman's outfit, usually with a big yellow 'S' on her chest, a tiny skirt or hotpants and a blue top. She invariably wears red boots or shoes of some sort. The 'S' stands for Supergirl.

Height: 5'10" (a few stories show her  a bit taller or shorter), Weight: 125 to 130 pounds

Slender and athletic build, looks like she works out a lot. Generally described as having a fitness-model build.  She's got a great figure and looks like she knows her way around weights in the gym, but isn't bulky like a bodybuilder (except when exerting a great deal of strength).

Long blond hair and brilliantly blue eyes, permanently tanned and perfect skin, extremely attractive, stunning really. No change in appearance in her civilian identities. She 'hides in plain sight', so to speak, her only disguise is that of changing out of her working clothes.

Figure: 38-22-36 most of the time. Since she stores energy in her breasts, their size can vary dramatically.

Her working clothes usually consist of a red skirt and blue top, her legs and feet bare, a yellow 'S' (for Supremis) or a 'Sf' for SuperFemme.

Height: 5'7"
Weight (apparent): ~125 lbs.
Age (apparent physical): 16
Figure: precociously girlish

Slender and fit but not particularly athletic in appearance.

Long, softly wavy blond hair, electric blue eyes. Wholesome (rather than voluptuous) beauty — perfectly crafted.

Costume provided by her creators obviously inspired by the popular comic book, with a universally recognizable variation of the famous 'S'. Long-sleeved top with a tee-shirt collar in a legless bodysuit configuration, knee-length skirt, slippers. Somewhat more modest than usually depicted in the comics or on the Internet, featuring a very full, floor-length cape that can be worn so as to cover her completely from the shoulders down. Color scheme is brushed gold highlights (belt, trim, soles, inside of cape, insignia) on black with either deep red or deep blue brilliant highlights paralleling the comic book scheme.


-------- Invulnerability --------

Essentially absolute except for Kryptonite, which has many forms. Green = fatal, Red = weird changes in body/mind, Gold = loss of powers forever, etc.  Highly susceptible to mental or Psionic attacks. Can be overcome temporarily by ballistic weapons and high temperatures, yet her skin is essentially impossible to puncture, immune to all chemicals and forms of radiation. The energy matrix that binds her cells together responds non-linearly to force. This allows her body to feel soft and very humanlike while also being able to deflect a cannon shell from her bared chest. The harder you push, the harder her cells push back.

A band of gold around her neck or body will interfere with internal energy flows and reduce her strength to nearly Terran levels while making her act and feel as if she's had a bit too much to drink.

Highly susceptible to mental or Psionic attacks.

Profound. She cannot be damaged, changed or corrupted in any way, including physically, mentally or emotionally, not even by herself. It is likely that her creator(s) could have included an ability to alter her appearance — which is determined by something analogous to software — but chose to bar her from accessing this part of her fundamental programming.

Other 'software' routines automatically mimic humanlike characteristics such as skin tone, apparent softness and flexibility, range of human motion, hair and costume responsiveness.

Unaffected by 'magic' and psionic influences, although may possibly be able to 'mind meld' as portrayed by the Spock character of Star Trek.

-------- Source of Energy / Powers --------

Light gravity and solar radiation from yellow suns. Inexhaustible and indefatigable when near a yellow sun.

The power is stored in their bodies and disappears in seconds if they are removed from the influence of a yellow sun.

Velorians are a genetically-engineered race whose initial DNA came from the Scandavadian tribes of Earth at approximately 1000AD. An ancient space-faring race filled the roughly 80% of unused gene sites in the Velorian's DNA with genes from other races they had found during their travels or genes they synthesized to give them unique abilities.  This accounts for their so-called 'powers'.

Their robust physique requires tremendous amounts of energy which can be absorbed from nearly any source and is stored in their bodies. Energy depletion results in weakness and then unconsciousness and near permanent amnesia, even after regaining their energy. 

Energy is stored in a female Velorian's breasts (which are no longer mammary glands) and is connected by superconducting nerve fibers to every part of her body. This characteristics results in significant changes in a Velorian femme's figure depending on how much energy she is holding. Since hugely expandable energy reservoirs would be hard to bury inside a person's body, this adaptation to use external energy storage was a clever piece of engineering on the part of the Ancient Ones.

As a result, Velorian males have very limited energy storage abilities and are forced to remain on their home planet. In Velorian culture, the females are the adventurers and warriors, solely based on their ability to store vast amounts of energy in their bodies.

Unknown and seemingly limitless.

A major theoretical problem for physicists is her apparent viloation of the laws of Thermodynamics (not to mention the laws of gravity and several local ordinances). There is no detectable waste heat or radiation, and her invulnerability makes it impossible for scientists to open her up to see what makes her tick. She has — evidently by design — about as much knowledge of her internal workings as primitive man did of theirs.

-------- Flight --------

An act of will — seemingly magical and unlimited in power. Velorians have a flight organ just beneath their breast-bone that generates a anti-gravity field and a 'thrust' that pushes against the dimensional boundaries that surround us all. This requires a great deal of energy, most of which is produced by the excess power from isometric muscular contraction.

They can levitate about half the weight which they can lift through pure muscular contraction, about 400 tons in Kara's case.

Unknown process.

She was provided with an instinctively natural 'feel' for unlimited flight by her creator(s), but no understanding of it.

Due to her likely immense mass, it is necessary for her to unconsciously maintain a normal 'virtual' weight and apparent mass at all times through constant levitation, managed automatically by her 'computer brain'.

-------- Vision --------

X-ray vision that can look through anything except lead. Telescopic vision that can recognize people's faces on planets in distant galaxies - seemingly magic. A Velorian's eyes contain the usual rods and cones in their retinas, but they also have receptors that can detect the spin and resonance of Tachyon particles. Tachyons are so small that they race through the Earth and through any solid object (many of them are penetrating your body as you read this sentence), yet the passage of a Tachyon near an atom results in it taking on a particular spin and resonance that is a function of time and the mass of the object. A Velorian's unique retina can decode that spin to 'see' where the Tachyon has been by decoding the time element of the spin and the resonance that denoted the type of atoms it passed near. This gives them the ability essentially 'look back' along the Tachyon's passage, thus imparting a primitive ability to look through things.

Optically, a Velorian's eyesight is several times greater than a hawk or eagle. They could read the fine print of a newspaper from a distance of several hundred yards.

Exceptional and computer enhanced. Her mind's-eye perception is close to human normal, but her 'computer brain' can process a much wider spectrum which she can access consciously at will or whenever something of interest is detected subconsciously. Technically, she can generate x-rays from her LED-like irises, and 'see' x-rays, but the process is extremely inefficient and practically useless — not to mention highly dangerous to humans and a fire hazard. Her creator(s) probably were just showing off.

She projects a surrounding energy field or fields of unknown properties similar to radar, sonar, magnetic resonance imaging and other poorly understood sensory phenomonon, which provides her with a normally subconscious full-time, real-time 360x360-degree 24/7 'map' of her surroundings to varying distances that is under constant analysis by her 'computer brain', including structural analysis and chemical composition.

Dubbed 'kreening' by Sara, it is in many ways much better than 'x-ray' vision, but has its limitations. It conveys no color sense and is useless for reading printed material through walls.

-------- Energy Projection --------

Heat vision - able to project red beams that melt just about anything, including vaporizing diamonds in fractions of a second. Able to send a surge of the same energies that allows them to fly. The energy travels from their brain down the optic nerve to flash outward through the lenses of their eyes (the lens and cornea are unusually clear which has the side-effect of making their eyes seem to sparkle like a young child's eyes). 

They can vary the frequency of emitted energy from deep infra-red to ultraviolet depending on the object they want to heat. Heat vision, like flight, requires isometric muscular contraction to generate the energy. Frequent use results in energy depletion.

Sara's irises are variable frequency laser LEDs capable of immense power. Range is from near infrared to soft x-rays and is focusable to a greater or lesser degree depending on the 'color'.

Her 'computer brain' can precisely control this output at very high speed, making it possible for her to project a moving line of constantly changing frequency and intensity back and forth across a screen or suitable surface in progressive lines, producing a rasterized image with a high frame rate. In other words, a projected 'TV' image.

Or, she can just blast the hell out of anything she wants to.

-------- Hearing --------

Able to hear a pin drop thousands of miles away. Able to separate the millions of heartbeats in a city to isolate one single unique beat and then to home in on it — seemingly magic. A Velorian's hearing is slightly better than that of a dog. Better than Beethoven's.

Subject to highly sophisticated analysis and enhancement by her 'computer brain'.

-------- Telekinetics --------

Kryptonians — none.   Matrix (a synthesized Kryptonian look-alike) — able to move just about anything. None None.

-------- Intelligence / Reflexes --------

Sometimes super-smart, able to do calculations faster than the biggest computer, but usually pretty much human normal. Able to speed her mind up to super-speed when necessary.

She can watch a light beam moving toward her and leap aside at the last moment.

IQ on the high-end of Terran norm, perhaps 140, but not remarkable otherwise. Her reflexes, when excited or in the midst of an adrenaline rush, are dozens of times faster than human.

She can watch a bullet floating toward her and reach out and pluck it out of mid-air at the last moment.

IQ on the high end of Terran norm, perhaps 140, but not remarkable otherwise — though she does have deeply conjoined access to her 'computer brain' of immense capacity and sophistication. In a sense, her consciousness and personality are a 'program' so powerful and subtle as to be indistinguishable from human.

Her 'computer brain' comprises virtually 100% of her immense mass and is the culmination of perhaps a billion years of technological development. Among other useful traits, she can simultaneously receive and transmit on millions of TV and radio channels, each controlled and monitored by nearly independent and intelligent 'virtual agents' in the background.

She's pretty damned fast, too.

-------- Secret Identities --------

Linda wears a brown wig and dresses funky and acts timid. It works great since nobody expects much of girls who look like that and hardly anyone has ever suspected that she's anything but a girl from an orphanage in Kansas.

She is single and usually doesn't have a steady boyfriend.

As Kara (Lisa) Matthews she is outgoing and smart and sexy. A jock, she played sports in High School and is a cheerleader, the kind of girl every guy wanted to date but few ever did.

As Lisa Banks, she is the Chief Information Officer of a huge corporation and is married to the conductor of a major symphony orchestra - an ordinary Terran man who is twice her age. She loves him dearly, mostly because he takes her 'uniqueness' in stride and treats her like a normal woman.

She has a daughter named Xara, the father a mysterious man with Velorian powers.

She's much too outgoing, friendly and curious to dabble much with serious, long-term 'secret identities'.

Her public persona is 'Susan P', but everybody is aware of her private life as Sara Corel which — after a few well-known incidents involving high places — is mostly respected.

She's not above travelling incognito, though.

-------- Personality --------

Friendly, outgoing and often aggressive as Supergirl. She falls in love easily but can't quite keep a relationship going, mostly because she fears that men will be intimidated by her if they know she's a Kryptonian or that her enemies will strike back at her through them.

As Linda, she's a very nice girl, the kind of girl you make friends with but probably don't date - a bit of a wallflower. Probably the nicest and most considerate girl you could ever meet, one who is insatiably interested in what makes people tick. She is most impressed by the bravery of ordinary humans who risk their lives for their fellow man.

Extremely engaging and outgoing. Her biggest fear is that she'll start to think of herself as some kind of 'goddess' and lose touch with ordinary people. She is attuned to and driven by emotions and is very sensitive to the feelings of those around her. She tries to 'fit in' while also dazzling her closest friends with disclosure of her Velorian powers.

She also has a libido that is as super as her muscles and she tends to be a bit too friendly with guys. Given that she suffers no physical consequences of sex, she views a wild night with some guy about the same way most people think of a good workout down at the gym or a long run - it's good for the body and makes you feel incredibly good.

She finds that the most attractive characteristic of any man or woman is the degree to which they are willing to sacrifice themselves to help others. She has an affinity for cops and for anyone else who routinely risks their own life for others.

She was evidently designed to be very likeable and charming, making friends easily —  though she can be moody at times and has a bit of a temper.

When first 'awakened', she had the personality of a small child, although her appearance was always the same. She 'grew up' rapidly, with the help of her human 'awakener', his girlfriend and more than a dozen refugees from the collapse of the old Soviet empire who became her tutors and playmates. She acquired a very sophisticated education in about three years before going public.

She tries to be helpful — with sometimes comical or even disastrous consequences — and can be counted on to be there when disasters strike that threaten to overwhelm human resources. She is most impressed by the bravery of ordinary humans who risk their lives for their fellow man.

She has a teenager's interest in boys, but understands that her principle relationship is to the human race as a whole.

-------- Errata --------

Her appearance and personality are wildly variable over the forty years she's been in the comics. Kara Zor'El sometimes shows up as Kara Zorel in some stories.  All Velorian last names are supposed to be hyphenated. Inconceivable.

-------- Picture --------

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Classic science fiction as a character-driven series of nested parodies separated by political satire, social commentary and cultural observations within the framework of an ersatz fan-fiction homage and fantasy genre-bashing: a cautionary tale of a modern Prometheus.
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