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ABINTRA PRESS ABINTRA PRESS - by Ed Howdershelt Publishing
'In Service To a Goddess' - SF/F (4 books)
'3rd World Products, Inc.' - 2004 Fictionwise Bestseller
'Dragonfly Run' - Cold War exploits
'Anne', 'Mindy', 'KIM' (Romantica)
'Assignment: Atlanta' - 2004 Fictionwise Bestseller
Formats: PALM - PDF - LIT - Rocket/REB - HTML - KML
Tales of imperfect heroes, unusual heroines, and strangely benevolent villains. After all, isn't the difference between a paragon and a scoundrel often merely a point of view?
The Bright Empire The BRIGHT EMPIRE
Stories of smart and sexy superwomen who bring light to Earth and distant worlds, for readers whose hearts and minds have been won by the vision of AU fiction.

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The Abintra Universe CD!
The Abintra Universe CD!
Many complete ebooks and stories by AU authors!